Wardrox is crap because it has funny hair
crap reason    good reason    not sure
People also think Wardrox is crap because it:
is smelly [crap good]
keeps plugging Is Crap Because .It and it gets a bit annoying [crap good]
is so happy [crap good]
isn't an it. [crap good]
is earning too much money so he can't develop things for more money. [crap good]
has no active users [crap good]
just kidding [crap good]
makes me feel sick [crap good]
tried to have sex with atheistium's legs while Jim faps into a pile of Dynasty Warrior comic books! [crap good]
eats poo [crap good]
is a blatant rip of of Anton Gorodetski from Nightwatch. Look at him [crap good]
isn't, wardrox is great [crap good]
made [crap good]
was saying about that was out last live podcast and it was this. [crap good]
doesn't have an HDTV, or taste. [crap good]
has not made nth digit 2 yet [crap good]
has hair and stuff. [crap good]
has supar uggles hair [crap good]
is a furry [crap good]
has a mohawk [crap good]
isn't my dad [crap good]